Soundscape in the Monument

Colin Malloy was awarded a 2015 Grant from the Friends Student Research Fund. He describes his work in the field, and now in the studio.

Colin Malloy , at Southern Oregon University. Artist provided photo.

Colin Malloy, at Southern Oregon University. Artist provided photo.

"I took several trips out to CSNM with a portable recording device and made field recordings of interesting sounds. This included wildlife, insects, myself walking over various terrain, the trees, etc. I also took photos along the way.
    "I am in the process of editing the sounds together to make a 3-channel soundscape. When it is played back, there are three sound sources. Stereo has two sounds sources (left and right); 5.1 surround has 5 sound sources. The soundscape will accompany the live performance.
     "I am creating the score and parts based on the photos I took. Some examples of this will be to transform the horizon or the shape of a path from a photo into a line that the performer interprets musically.
     "I have made the photos and recordings. Now I am working on the (slow) process of editing the soundscape and creating the scores. We are planning to workshop the piece in April [2016]. The premiere performance is planned is scheduled in May at SOAR, Southern Oregon University (SOU)."

                    --Colin Malloy, Masters of Music in Percussion Performance from SOU
First prize in the 2014 James P. and Shirley J. O’Brien Endowment Composition Competition hosted by University of Arizona.