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HIKE: Conifer Species in the CSNM

Conifer Species in the CSNM - Taxonomy, Key Identification Characteristics and their Ecological Role with Doug Kendig

Douglas Kendig will lead a hike-and-learn focused on conifer species identification along the Chinquapin Mt Road and Beaver Cr Rd ending at Willow Cr Rd at the southern base of Howard Prairie. The tour will traverse various conifer communities common in the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument composed of differing species composition and age.
     The trip will pass through southern Cascade forest communities comprised primarily of White fir, mixed Douglas-fir and white fir, and mixed conifer stands with additional species of sugar pine, ponderosa pine and incense cedar, and even an old wester juniper island.          The route will pass through various conifer stands of differing age classes to compare and contrast individual morphological differences within and between conifer species. We will note taxonomic differences of each conifer species to recognize key characteristics at different life stages from close up and from a distance. We will also discuss the physiographical and biological context and value of each individual conifer species and the contribution to the broader scale forest community.

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     To Carpool: Meet at 8:15am, Shop 'N Kart Parking Lot, Ashland